Water—it’s something we can easily take for granted. We turn on a faucet and it’s in our homes, schools, yards, and offices. But how do people know they’ll have enough water when they need it? And how can communities protect the
    quality of surrounding streams, lakes, and ground water? That’s where the water resources specialists at IMS Engineers come into play. We can take your water needs through every step—from planning and conceptual design to the construction and operation of the water resource system. Our experience encompasses total basin planning, well field planning and design, and much more. IMS provides the full complement of planning, engineering, construction, and operations services in drinking water, wastewater, and water resource management to serve the needs of our public and private-sector clients. We craft integrated water resources management strategies to make the most of limited resources while serving multiple stakeholders. We assist in developing funding strategies to leverage available federal and state funding sources. Most important, we work closely with each client to make sure that our innovative and cost saving solutions are tailored to meet individual needs.

    Repair, Rehabilitation, Desilt Drainage Channels
    Harris County, Texas

    As the design engineer of the Harris County Flood Control District, IMS is designing the repairs, maintenance and restoration activities for six drainage
    channel segments within the drainage district system. Our work will includes design, bidding and construction services.

    IMS was responsible for the design, quantity estimation, construction plans, and
    specifications for a Flood Water Retarding Structure (FWRS) that was constructed on the Black Creek Watershed in the Yazoo River Basin located in Holmes County, MS, northeast of City of Lexington. IMS’ services included design of an earth embankment dam; a flood inlet (principal spillway), and an overflow (emergency) spillway.

    IMS provided professional engineering services to design a potable water system for the City of Democracy, Gabon. IMS was responsible for determining the best water supply source; developing design data and designing water treatment plant; analyzing the source wells, yields and assessing the potential of salt-water intrusion on the aquifer; designing the water distribution network; designing treatment works; and preparing construction documents. IMS developed a water distribution system using Info Water and optimized the system.

    The project consisted of a designing approximately 1.5 miles in length of the proposed 54-inch transmission main to transport treated potable water from O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant to J.H. Fewell Water Treatment Plant for storage and subsequent distribution.

    Flood Retarding Structure
    USACE, Vicksburg District

    Potable Water System Development
    City of Democracy, Liberville, Republic of Gabon, Africa

    54-inch Water Express Main
    Jackson, Mississippi